Creative Career Coach
Inspiration for the brand is taken directly from Andrew’s professional coaching method and developed using concepts and feelings mentioned in his client’s testimonials.

The brand personality reflects the careful and thoughtful way that Andrew holds space for exploration in his sessions, to help those he coaches discover new paths to meaningful change.
The three abstract circular elements of the primary logo echo the shapes used in Andrew’s coaching process diagrams, and suggest connection, conversation and taking appropriate time/space to consider.
The brand colour palette of calm, deep and earthy tones reflects Andrew’s thoughtfulness and methodical approach. Each colour is linked to part of the coaching process: the Five Cs. The most prominent colour of deep inky blue is linked to the most important part of the coaching process: Change.
The Five Cs are illustrated by a bespoke set of keylined geometric icons for use throughout Andrew’s website and on selected printed materials: such as client worksheets and notebooks.
Portrait photography by Samer Moukarzel
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