BOUND BY THEATRE is a transatlantic theatre and performance art company based in London and New York.
The mission of the company is to bind the audience, performer and creator together in a space to experience art with each other in a powerful, and possibly sometimes, uncomfortable way.
Artistic Director Kristin Winters' vision for the company to bring people together required a visual language that was sophisticated, hip, avant garde, curious.
I created a stylistic, geometric, sharp-edged knot to enclose a triangular space within the logomark. This versatile "knot" element can be used and adapted to variable sizes, for brand recognition across their website, print and production artwork. I paired this with a crisp, provocative sans-serif typeface and a severe, yet elegant monochrome palette.
I created a poster series, and flyer design and banner ads for the inaugural production: SMOKE by Kim Davies, with stunning photography by Danny Baldwin.​​​​​​​
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